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adidas forest grove

adidas Forest Grove

adidas forest grove

adidas Forest Grove previously known as the Oregon Ultra Tech, was a all time favourite sneaker of 9 time New York marathon runner, Norwegian Grete Waitz. Fast forward a few years and adidas have resurrected the former track style shoe in line with modern trends.

Staying true to its DNA, the adidas Forest Grove, who is strutting its stuff with a new look and feel. It’s the same OG vibes with Forest Grove, with added charm, and a modern classic feel.

OG Vibes with adidas Forest Grove

The adidas Forest Grove 2018 remains very close to its predecessor with a combination of nylon and suede upper, the Forest Grove boasts a soft EVA compound with the Dellinger web. This provides a superior cushioning and shock absorption that holds the EVA in place making it a perfect sneaker for everyday use.

If you are an 80s retro footwear fan, the Forest Grove is that old-school sneaker with a modern feel, perfect to pair up with almost everything in your wardrobe – giving it a stylish uniqueness whilst laying low in the shout-out department. Add some funk 80s theme socks and roll up your pants for a “breakfast club” kinda vibe, or dress them down with a pair of track pants.

Based on their wear ability, you simply cannot deny yourself a pair of these sneakers this 2018 spring because however you chose to pair them, this OG style will have you looking relevant with comfort the play of the day, excellent for those music festivals and all day mall trolling!

Footnote here… so if these easy-to-wear sneakers please the Streetwear Hounds and Trend Cadettes, what are you waiting for? Rock the OG Vibes with adidas Forest Grove

Xx DjBae


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