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Back To School No Jan-u-worry about it!

Back to School – No Jan-u-worry!

As the holidays are drawing to a close and we get back into our routines for 2019, here are some ideas to beat the Jan-u-worry back to school blues to ensure you make this school year the best yet with just a little planning.

Before you know it, from the day they go back to school, your nervy children filled with fear (those wishing to stay at home) will be in Grade 1 and the older kids entering Grade 7 or Matric will be celebrating their new status and be optimistic about their future and their independence. Here are some ideas to get the home squad operating like it’s competing in the world cup final!

Game Prep

Some think the need for routine is possibly overkill, unnecessary or too restrictive but in reality, children thrive with routine and there are benefits for the family as a whole. A set routine helps kids to feel secure and alleviates stress in daily life. As you transition into the new back to school normal, It’s worth your while to establish a morning and evening routine that ensures enough everyone gets sleep, homework time and prep time for the next day.

back to schoolA simple routine, preferably discussed and agreed upon upfront by all family members ensure success. This especially when the benefits and rewards of doing so are explained and in that, you might even want to add some incentives to every goal achieved. By having everyone’s buy-in, it makes for a happy home, one that is less stressed and better able to handle crisis should it arise. This gets everyone into a rhythm and even allows for chores to be completed and pocket money earned. A great way to keep track of day to day objectives is to use a family-connected app like the Cozi Family Organiser downloadable from either iStore or Google Play stores. Here you can set up lists for each individual family member.



Back to School costs can be daunting, so to save yourself some moola, before you hit the stores, take an inventory of what your kids still have, compare this to the stationery list, and make your final shop list. You’d be surprised how many suitable books and pens/pencils totally useful for this year’s stationery case.

Secondly, don’t go into overdrive shopping for school clothes for the entire year. Dependant of your child’s age, kids can sometimes grow up to 3 sizes in a year, rather buy either by season or when and if items are required. Shop around, you’ll find some excellent back to school footwear and sneakers at Studio 88 amongst other retailers.

Game Day Fuel Up

back to schoolPreparing lunches ahead of time, ensures that your child gets some healthy and well balanced meals and keep the ‘sweet sugary treats’ down to one per week. Keep Tupperware containers in the fridge with pre-cut fresh veggie and fruit as snacks. Avoid sugary treats as, these do no good for your child’s diet. A boiled egg is great for sustained energy, you can boil a few ahead of time to ensure minimal packing and prep when packing their back to school lunches. Doing the same for yourself, is just as important as you will need day-long energy – packing your own lunch is also a great way to save money!

Wishing you a stress free and happy 2019!

Xoxo StudioBae

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