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black friday

Black Friday Shopping Without Bruises

black friday

Black Friday or Black eye day?

As Black Friday marks the beginning of the festive season shopping, keep your sanity by having a  your wish list that meets your budget and your needs.

This way, you won’t find yourself dreading the shopping frenzy.You might even make everyone happy if you plan it well, get through Black Friday Shopping without bruises. Do you really need to line up outside that store at midnight? Dare we say to buy that item you really don’t really need but upsetting bae could sway reason?  Get yourself a cuppa, relax because herein lies some great advise.

8 Ways to benefit from Black Friday (without the bruises)

Before you give in and hand your credit card over, waving goodbye to your hard earned salary or savings in one day, consider the following:

1. Prioritise your shopping list

If its groceries, make a list of all the items you need, in order of importance, get to those stores or aisles first, cutting down on unnecessary time spent in store. Accept that your list is final, after all, you have spent hours deciding, don’t double back and DON’T add to the list on the day.

2. Shop with a friend – it has its benefits 😉

There is strength in numbers, shuffling through crowds can be easier when you have a runner (someone to fetch the items) or a queue pole (someone to keep your space in line).

3. Leave your kids at home -for your sanity and their safety

You’ll get a lot more done in a shorter space of time and there are no urgent bathroom breaks or hunger pangs that need to be addressed in ten seconds!

4. Plan your shopping trip

Location, location, location! If you are not shopping on line, choose the mall that has it all! Prioritize items, with ‘nice-to-have’ being last. Lists are useful in keeping a clear goal in mind so stick to the list and have no regrets.

5.  Score early deals

To ensure sales, some stores put items on sale online before Black Friday, keep an eye out for these, all is fair in love and war and retail is no acceptation, you might even score great deals before Black Friday.

6.  Budget rules, use cash as far as possible

Know your budget to which you make your list, use cash, when it’s gone, and don’t be tempted to take out the plastic! If you are worried about carrying cash then set a swipe limit on ALL the cards (credit and debit) that you intend on taking with you, this goes great lengths to ensure you have no debt regrets post Black Friday. Don’t be tempted to spend money you don’t have. #Score

7.  Use shopping bags instead of a cart

Avoid buying items that require a shopping cart, that way you are very aware of your purchases and it’s a lot easier to manage the crowd when not pushing a trolley – your arms also have a great workout!

8. Power planning

You cannot be in two places at once, this is where you might have to illicit the help or a friend or family member. List and budget rules still apply! This means you have a greater chance of buying the items you wanted without having the stress of running from store to store.

So if you want to save time, money, energy and get through this year’s Black Friday Without the Bruises follow these 8 helpful tips and make Black Friday a breeze!

Xx #StudioDJBae


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  2. I’m looking forward for end of year’s biggest sale

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