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Career Choices and Following Your Heart

Career V.S. Passion, what to do?

So you want to become a Doctor, Journalist, Lawyer or work for the totally awesome Nandos Marketing Team?

careerWhile 50 years ago career opportunities were limited to a few options like Doctors, Lawyers, Technicians etc. and in the last 15 years this list has grown ten-fold especially in areas like Technology and Marketing. The gene pool of careers have evolved with new careers popping up like daisies these days, it can be rather confusing to figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives never mind trying to figure out what we truly passionate about.

When the Going Gets Tough

Sometimes the lines between passion and reality collide and we find ourselves 10 years down the line in a career that we absolutely hate and yet drag ourselves out of our beds each day to attend. Here’s the thing, passion will always reignite itself in your spirit and will fulfil and enrich your life.  We should aim to be fulfilled and not just happy, think long-term when making career decisions. In some cases the financial reward is not there initially but we love what we do, if you have a plan (like continually improving your skills) the desired salary will follow.

The Tough Get Back To BASICS

Have a career in mind and know what you passionate about? It’s no good placing your hand in a bag and convincing yourself that whatever materialises in your hand out that bag is a great choice. What is it that gets you excited, that gets your mind racing and that puts a smile on your dial? Once you know that, do your research. The net has a fountain of information from articles to YouTube tutorials, read books, white papers, speak to people, even sit in on a lecture (if you can – find out if the university in your city allows this). Know the career you want to go into like the nobs on the back of your head –  don’t just focus on salary, there is far more to a happy career, money will follow.

When Life Hands You Lemons

If possible, it could be of benefit to job shadow, be it a day, a week or a month during the holidays. For example, “Candy Striping’ at a Hospital will introduce you to the ugly part of what doctors face, changing colostomy bags and cleaning sores may not be the ideal way to spend your holiday but it’s worth it if you want to spend the rest of your life in the medical profession.

Make Lemonade, Then Sell It

If you find that you are passionate about theatre but have level-ten stage fright, and can’t act to save a snowman from a snowstorm? Don’t give up just yet, as in many careers nowadays, the theatre is multi-layered. From playwright to music director to art producer, costume designer, lighting specialist, sound engineer and many more you have ample opportunities to work in the industry you are passionate about. Exploring the other options within that industry might reveal another career you never imagined but are completely passionate about within.

Grab the Bull By The Horns

Give yourself some space to grow. As mentioned earlier, passion is about finding fulfilment. Doing something you are passionate about is not without its challenges. Working on your passion or in the industry you are passionate about, can be more frustrating than teenage hormones. More often than not, you’ll feel like your passion has been kicked in the gut, and other times you might be so anxious that you want to give up and find something else to do. Trust in the fact that there is no greater fulfilment that finally seeing the fruits of your labour, one day your passion will work for you and that’s the best feeling in the world. (also known as getting paid to do what you love.)

Below are links where you can find, Bursaries, Internships and Universities.

Bursaries –

Internships –

Universities –

As you stand on the brink of making one of the biggest career decisions of your life, embrace it with wisdom and confidence, and just dive right in.

Good Luck for your final exams and have a fantastic time as you begin the new chapter of your life.

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