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Converse Brand | Studio 88


Converse brand | Studio 88.

Converse, An American shoe company that began by making rubber footwear in 1908 is now a world-wide phenomenon; Converse is every man, woman and child’s sneaker of choice. Converse began manufacturing canvas sneakers for basketball and recreation. From then to now, Converse sneakers has gone from the court to the stage, to the clubs, to the kids on the street.

Converse brand | Studio 88. Converse sneakers have universal appeal, they have been adopted by athletes, individuals, rebels, thinkers and originals. Whether you played music, made art, skated the streets and just kicked back. You wore them as fashion. You wore them to work. You customized them with your personal style. You did everything to them, and in them. You saw our sneakers’ unlimited potential.

The multidimensional Converse sneaker fans have inspired us. Through their journey, they have become a one-of-a-kind celebration in individuality and self-expression. Converse becomes part of who you are. They’re Made by You.

Through this remarkable journey of the obsession of self-expression. We put our creative minds together to give you more. A sneaker that meets the demands of your “on the go” lifestyle. We introduced The Chuck Taylor All Star II. Available at your nearest Studio 88 store.

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