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converse uncaged and fearless

Converse Uncaged and Fearless

Converse Uncaged and Fearless

converse uncaged and fearlessIt doesn’t matter if you belong to Generation X, Y, or Z if you swim against the tide, walk away from the crowd and stand confident, you are Converse uncaged and Fearless.

The quote alluding to the statement of “madness is doing exactly the same thing and expecting different results” can be expand to the individuals fashion sense in stating “wearing the same as others and expecting different results”, meaning how are you to be noticed as an individual when you swim with the current in the stream? Fashion is a form of self-invention, your unique ideas are fuelled by your desires although this could have your parents and friends questioning your motives or sanity. The reality is that the dress code rules of the past absolutely stinted one’s individuality and you knew not to break social norms as this would be frowned upon.

Today, it’s readily accepted to wear a pair of sneakers with a suit or wedding dress, most notably a pair of Converse. The cool thing about fashion right now is that very few people even bat an eye at your dress code – that’s if you are dressed 😉 So whether you are rocking up a storm at Rocking the Daisies or Oppikoppie, at a market, movies, work, wedding or formal function you could so than ever be free to rock up in your ever faithful All Stars, the sneaker that keeps up with your fast-paced, pumped up lifestyle.

So don’t leave your All Stars in the closet waiting for the next party or weekend jol, uncage them just as the movers and shakers of the entertainment and fashion world do, from Basketball players to rappers, actors and artists keep yourself relevant, fashionable and dare to show your style  and be Converse Uncaged and Fearless.

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