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DJ-ing… All You Need To Know.

DJ-ing On Deck, Hey Mr DJ

dj-ingHey Mr DJ, You have the passion and drive but just need that lucky break?

You are perfecting your skills and have half a foot in the door by Dj-ing at small clubs, for friends or even scoring a regular spot at your nearest bar or winning DJ competitions. And, exciting as it may be, you want to move up and on to the big-time before you consider going back to corporate, so don’t give up!

We all know making it to the big time takes time and, well, a little luck. So hold onto your dreams of playing alongside DJ Coffee at Ibiza or joining some Hollywood big name stars on a few tracks -dream big and why not? As millennial’s, we realise the value of being multi-skilled, this, after all opens far more doors and allows more opportunities. It’s no secret that in our fast paced, ever changing society that we need to polish our skills and talents to stay relevant and succeed, the greater the ability, the greater the opportunity for recognition and yes, fame!

He who controls the deck controls the room

If you are already making fantastic song sets, but you’re still having a hard time getting the crowds excited; consider the following must have skills. First things first, know how to use a midi controller like you know how to breathe! Being able to create dynamic and live remixes on the spot, this goes a long way when you need to up your game at a gig.

Secondly, obsess about knowing how to use different types of equipment. Remember the difference between good Dj-ing and a great Dj-ing is knowing what’s out there, from software to resources available, keep trying new ideas and remaining innovative in your DJ sets.

Finally, bopping your head and yelling out to the crowd is not going to cut it, DJ-ing is all about performing and keeping the group entertained beyond the music.  Everyone can be a DJ these days but to be a genuinely memorable DJ means you need to actively engage in the music physically and emotionally, also engage with the crowds a lot more.

Think Outside the Booth

Knowing music a DJ can take you a long way in the music career sphere, a DJ doesn’t only have to be about playing gigs in a club on weekends. Having the extensive knowledge of music and knowing what the crowds like sets you up correctly to be in a position where you can command and control the music on a much larger and more substantial scale. Here are some alternative careers that DJ’s excel at,

  1. Music Producer
  2. Music Director
  3. Record Producer
  4. Songwriter
  5. Radio DJ
  6. Dj with the Band
  7. Corporate DJ
  8. Professional Wedding DJs

The Final Set

Whatever you choose to do with the knowledge and skills you’ve gained as a DJ always stay true to the music, the worst thing you can do as a DJ is chase money and compromise on your craft. Like any skill, it takes 10 000 hours of constant practice to perfect it. So next time you Dj-ing have the crowd yelling for more.

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