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8 Top Black Friday Online Shopping Tips; How to Avoid Taking L’s online this Black Friday

8 Top Black Friday Online Shopping Tips; How to Avoid Taking L’s online this Black Friday.

The year’s biggest sale is almost on us, yip, its Black Friday time again. We as users have replaced the word sale with search term Black Friday. Black Friday has been celebrated by retailers and customers alike in SA for the last 5 years. With the rise of online shopping, more and more retailers are offering better deals online. If you want to avoid the instore Black Friday chaos and do your shopping online, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t take L’s when shopping online this Black Friday.

Black Friday 2019 Studio 88 South Africa


1. Get the best Connec-Tion

You don’t have to worry about lines when shopping online this Black Friday, the internet speed is really what you need to worry about. Speed is the key when it comes to Black Friday online shopping, make sure you have a great secure connection and enough data.  If your network gives you problems, try looking for an alternative connection before Black Friday.


2. Keep your Eye on the Clock

Keep in mind online shops don’t have trading hours. You need to keep your eyes on the clock if you want to get the most, most store have countdowns and commence their Black Friday sale just after midnight. To ensure you stay awake, have some friends and hang come around for dinner, binge watch some series, play some games and just keep busy until midnight as you wait for the clock to strike 00:01.


3. Pick your Plug

It’s easy to get lost in the sauce when doing your Black Friday online shopping. Start doing your research now, sign up for newsletters from different retailers. Follow all the shops you are planning to buy from in advance. Go to your favorite stores and create wish lists, that way you can add them to your basket quickly. Maybe even narrow your store list to one or two, visit their sites every day until Black Friday to see any additions. Be aware of prices so you know a good deal when you see one, it or comparisons. Download an App that allows you to do a price comparison between different retailers.


4. Stay ahead of the Game

After choosing your online stores for Black Friday, stay ahead of the game and learn their checking out process. Ensure your cards are still valid, suggest you even create a profile so your delivery details are already uploaded. Most online shops require you to have a profile before checking out. Create this profile before Black Friday to save you time when checking out. Add items to your wish list, those very same items may be on the Black Friday price cut list.



5. Know the Game

Return policies are a big thing when it comes to online shopping in general. Before shopping this Black Friday make sure you know and understand the return policies of the different stores. This will help if you get the wrong size or if you’ve had time to rethink your purchase. Online shopping takes time to deliver so always keep that in mind and it may take even longer as stores will have an access of orders during this time.


6. Slay the Game

The fastest fingers win when it comes to online shopping. If you don’t want to take L’s this Black Friday go through the process of shopping and checking out as a dry-run. This will help in understanding the ins and outs of the website and will increase your shopping speed. Also, close all the documents and windows down, the less you have open, the faster your cell or computer will work.

Black Friday 2019 Studio 88 South Africa


7. Stay Safe

When doing your online shopping this Black Friday please ensure you are on secure sites. Safe check any website before purchasing, safe sites have an address that starts with “https” and will show a little padlock icon next to it, the ‘s’ stands for secure. The site would also indicate their payment security policy, check this out ahead of time. Be very aware of online scams and fake websites, only shop from those you are familiar with and that have been around for a while. A lot of online scammers target Black Friday because they know people are searching for deals.


8. Stay in your Lane

It’s easy to overspend when doing your Black Friday shopping, it’s even worse when you are doing your Black Friday shopping online. Most banks don’t set limits for online shopping so its adviseable that you stay woke and keep a tally. Stay in your lane and set yourself a limit for your Black Friday online shopping. Don’t let the hype get you into debt that you will have to spend months if not years paying back.


Black Friday 2019 Studio 88 South Africa


Follow these simple tips and you won’t be taking any L’s this Black Friday. Keep your eyes on our website and social media platforms for all the Black Friday promotions. 

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