Get Ready for Black Friday Shopping at Studio 88

Get Ready for Black Friday Shopping at Studio 88

Get ready for 2021 Black Friday Shopping at Studio 88 where you will find the best deals on your favourite brands.

From adidas to Nike; ellesse to Puma, Black Friday is the best time to get great deals on these top brands.

Find those sneakers you’ve been lusting over all year at head turning prices. Update your wardrobe with the latest clothing with once-off deals. And it’s not just in-store shopping that offers these great prices - you can shop from the comfort of your couch! Keep reading to get our tips for fast, no-fuss Black Friday shopping at Studio 88 stores.



Black Friday Shopping at Studio 88

Here’s how you can get the best deals for Black Friday shopping at Studio 88.

Plan early

That means start your planning right now, yes - in advance. Start big with a wish list of everything you like.

Then, break it down into “must haves”, “nice to have” and “mmm those would nice”. This way you will have a clear strategy and budget in place on the day, making for an enjoyable experience. Not doing this upfront will leave you spinning in circles and either blowing the budget or missing out on what you really want. Think about sneakers or clothing you genuinely want. Think about quality brands you wear and that suit your style. Believe it or not, Black Friday is not a time to experiment! Set a budget so that you don’t end up spending too much. Once you make a list, start planning the day itself. Check our store trading hours and if they have ecommerce sites. That way you can break your shopping into “before office hour” and “office hours”. Other useful things to consider include the store’s return and exchange policies. It’s also worth your while to have an idea of what the current prices are of items you have on your wish list. Once you’ve gotten all of that sorted, you can then finalise the planning your in-store and online shop. 

Shop smartly

You will be tempted to get in on every deal you see.

Who could resist a pair of the latest Air Force 1 sneakers or summer ellesse clothing range? Unless that’s what you’re after, focus on the brands and gear you genuinely want. This is the time to get savings on things you actually want to buy, not buy everything you see purely because the prices are reduced.

Get shopping

Once the day arrives, it’s time for the fun part… shopping for the latest Studio 88 deals!

This year, Studio 88 will run their Black Friday offers from Monday 22 November to Sunday 5 December 2021. Make sure you shop early on to ensure you get the size and colour you want. Taking cash is a good way to avoid overspending but risky, you might want to set a limit on your card... Leave the kids at home (unless they’re old enough to get in on the action) you need to get in and out as quickly as possible. Pack light so that you aren’t carrying around more than you need to once your shopping gets underway. Knowing what you want in advance will save you a lot of time and headaches. 

Stay in the loop and sign up for updates to be the first to know what the Studio 88 Black Friday specials are so you can get started on your list. Remember, orders over R500 gets you free delivery!