Our Style On The Move Size Guide For You!

Our Style On The Move Size Guide For You!

For the love of shoe shopping, but wanting to do it from your couch – or after hours… how do we know we select the right size?

Online shopping has become very user friendly, helping to take away the fear and indecision. The size guides located to every product, give you peace of mind when shopping remotely.

The much-needed size guide makes cybershopping all the more enjoyable and Studio 88 has your style on the move covered with size guides for every product. Let’s face it, living on the edge should not translate into wearing the wrong shoe size, so put your mind at ease and enjoy shopping online at Studio 88.

So let’s break the sizing monster down, there are some size conversions that you may not be entirely familiar with and with top brands being readily available online, you will see the sizing call-out differing, here’s what you should know.

There are typically three types of size conversions (size descriptions) available in South Africa.

These are UK, US, and EU shoe sizes. It is, however, good to note that while size guides certainly help when shopping online, they are still a guideline as different manufacturers' range of shoes differs in length and breadth. Knowing the length and breadth of your feet will make using an online size guide that more effective ensuring you get exactly what you want.

It's worth your while working out what your size is in all three international size call outs so when you see either UK, US or EU shoe sizes indicated, you will know exactly what size to choose when next shopping online.


UK/SA Size Guide

BONUS, the UK's shoe sizing metrics are essentially referred to as South Africa’s standard sizing. Both shoe sizing systems use lower numbers for shoe sizes. This includes sizes 0 to 14 for children and 0 to 15 for adults. Always be aware that while using a size guide can be helpful, it’s good to remain aware that sizes may differ depending on the manufacturer.


The Double-Digit Euro Size Guide For SA

While the UK and South Africa use the same shoe sizing system, the Euro shoe sizing guide can be confusing as Euro sizes are double-digits and start from size 15 for babies to size 50 for adults. Unlike the UK sizes that are straightforward enough to understand, Euro shoe sizes will need a conversion table to make sense of the double-digit sized shoes before purchasing them.


US/SA Size Guide

Unlike the Euro size guide, US size guides follow a single-digit sizing system, much like the UK and SA size guides. However, US shoe sizes are typically 1 to 2 numbers higher than the UK and SA sizes, meaning that a South African or UK size 5 would have to be bought as a US size 6 or 7, depending on the fit.


Studio 88 Size Guide Convenience

On the Studio 88 website, when you are viewing your desired item on its detail page, you will see sizes available indicated under the item price. These are UK/SA sizes, please see the below chart for measurement comparisons. Happy shoe shopping!



Size Guide