Puma, the Innovation & Reinvention Kings

Puma, the Innovation & Reinvention Kings

Today, we’re excited to place the spotlight on the Puma X-Ray.

A retro sneaker that represents the brand’s consistent ability to reinvent itself, maintaining relevance each generation. With the Brands roots set in athletics, innovation being key, thus building a legacy of reinvention - Puma effortlessly merges style with sports. This aesthetic precision and intricate detail focus lends itself to advanced design. The silhouette signature is brought to life through its highly creative fashion capsule. Here, the team works to develop distinctive sneaker lines that form part of Puma’s dexterous Brand ethos. The iconic Puma X-Ray is yet another example of the brand’s innovation mindset.

Spotlight On Puma X-Ray

With its bold colours, old school chunky style and exceptional comfort, the Puma X-Ray is a sneaker silhouette you’ll want to add to your collection.



The story

The Puma X-Ray celebrates the fusion of retro sneakers. It’s all about the design combination of modern innovation and on-trend elements. Since its origins, Puma has set the tone for sneakers made for performance and over time, fashion and lifestyle have also become focal points of innovation. In the early 2000s, Puma released the chunky sneaker which was widely lauded for its uniqueness. This style, being a bold silhouette, with maximised cushioning and statement primary colours. Now, the X-Ray is reinvented for the modern sneaker enthusiast. This sneaker, available at Studio 88, is available in various age categories; for infants, kids, youth and men. It brings the chunky sneaker trend back to life, still colourful, with a tech-focused twist.

The sneaker

Chunky sneakers are part of the comeback trend this past year. This sneaker is ahead of the reinvention game. With Puma’s athletic technology included in the design, the X-Ray has an angular midsole for comfort, with a raised branded form strip. The progressive design has a comfortable upper made from premium mesh, leather and suede. The oversized graphic elements, contrasting colours in black, red, yellow, white and blue, alongside the lightweight midsole (featuring SoftFoam+) and a sock liner, adds even more cushioning to give you a comfortable, on-trend, easy to wear sneaker. With its low boot profile, rubber outsole and lace closure, this sneaker will pair with everything in your wardrobe, from tracksuits to jeans and hoodies.

Ready to be powered by one of the world’s best-known footwear brands, why not experience the Puma innovation for yourself? Find the Puma X-Ray online or visit your nearest Studio 88 store now.

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