The Inside-Outside Winter Clothing Trend to Watch

The Inside-Outside Winter Clothing Trend to Watch

Finding suitable clothing to wear both inside and outside this winter has never been easier.

The inside-outside winter clothing design trend is ideal to suit both environments in winter. The trend features comfortable clothing that takes you from the couch to the streets both looking and feeling good. Key pieces include functional yet easy to wear hoodies, sweats, trackpants, long-sleeved tees, and other essentials. If you’re looking for a way to stay comfortable even on the coldest day, this winter the inside-outside style clothing for men is a must-try.


Inside-Outside Winter Clothing for Men


Whether you’re indoors, having a Netflix or sports binge on the couch or heading out with friends, the inside-outside style trend will hit the mark each time and have you not only comfortable but looking great. 


Why we love it


To name a few reasons to love this men’s winter clothing trend, aside from the biggest reason being comfort - this trend also leverages its influence from the athleisure movement. Clothing that offers ease of movement and comfort is no longer limited to the gym, couch or street. It’s a commonplace fashion trend to wear athleisure clothing as part of your everyday lifestyle - both inside that you look like you’ve ventured out in your PJs.


How to wear it


So how then, do you wear this trend? For starters, you keep it simple, less is more! You can pair track pants, a hoodie and a pair of bold, statement sneakers. Consider selecting a neutral tracksuit that can be layered with a jacket. Add accessories like a beanie or trucker cap and you’ll be good to go. 


Essential Pieces


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