The Legend Behind Levi’s Denim

The Legend Behind Levi’s Denim

There was a need for suitable workwear to be made for labourers on the farms and mines of America's Western states in the late 19th Century. A Nevada tailor, Jacob Davis was asked to make a pair of sturdy trousers for a local woodcutter, he struck upon the idea of reinforcing them with rivets. They proved extremely durable and were soon in high demand.

Soon Davis realised the potential of his product but couldn't afford to patent it. He wrote to his fabric supplier, the San Francisco merchant, Levi Strauss, for help, and so the legacy of Levi’s jeans was born. Levi's, as the patented trousers became known, were made in two fabrics, cotton duck (similar to canvas) and denim. Early on, it became evident that the denim version that was most popular. Denim was more comfortable, it softened with age, and its Indigo dye gave it a unique character. The dye doesn't penetrate the cotton yarn like other dyes but sits on the outside of each thread. These molecules chip off over time, causing the fabric to fade and wear in a unique way.

The uniqueness of owning a garment that changed as it aged and essentially it reflected people's lives the way it worn. Because of its fading quality, denim was sold raw – unwashed and untreated – and by the beginning of the 20th Century workers began to realise they could shrink the trousers to a more comfortable fit. Not only were they more durable but each pair of jeans began to tell the story of the worker and his work.

Jeans are the most personal garment you can wear as they wear to the body.

Studio 88 loves the legacy story behind denim and Levi’s jeans. One of our most popular jeans are the Levi’s Slim Taper Worn to Ride jeans. These jeans sits at the sweet spot between a skinny and a regular taper. As you probably guessed from its name, it features a slim fit through the thigh that tapers down to the ankle. The end result? An ultra-versatile jean you can style any which way. Pair them with a white classic Tee for a relaxed everyday look.

If you are looking a slightly looser fit through the leg then try the Levi’s 514 Straight Fit or the classic Levi’s 501. No matter what your style, Levi’s denim jeans is style that is made to last.

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