Your Self-Help Guide To Self-Dominance

Your Self-Help Guide To Self-Dominance

Women. The unsung heroes of South African history. Assertive, courageous, intelligent, and revolutionary are but a few words to describe the gift of who she is.

A woman: should not be afraid to live her truth and move as her highest self, unapologetically. Women: we encourage you to embody your uniqueness so that you can inspire others to look up. Studio 88, this month and always, pays homage to our South African queens who, on the 9th of August, 66 years ago, led a march of more than 20 000 women to the Union Buildings to protest the extension of Pass Laws.


The tenacity and sheer will of these brave women bring to mind the famous saying, "When you strike a woman, you strike a rock." In solidarity with influential South African women and in the spirit of girl power everywhere, to you, shine on indlovukazi, shine on!


"There is great joy that comes with accepting, appreciating, and loving yourself, where you are comfortable knowing that you are not a mistake and that you are perfect just the way you are." - DJ Zinhle.


And on that motivational note, in honour of women's month, we've put together a little selfcare guide to keep you sane, fulfilled, and on top of your game after all, women are known for their ability to continue 'slaying' long after Women's Month has passed!


Your Self-Help Guide To Reviving Your Inner Drive

As the present merges with the past, women everywhere are slowly coming into their own to celebrate the countless female heroes who have influenced entire societies through their tenacity to build a better future for all. Studio 88 have taken the liberty to compile a list of tips that will help you to actively take charge of the things you can control, keeping you functioning as your highest self at all times. Here are five tips to guide you on your world-changing, soul satisfying journey!



Navigating the business world as a woman is stressful enough without the added pressures of daily life. One of the best things a woman can do for herself in order to be heard and to achieve, is to be assertive when necessary. Self-confidence comes in many shapes and sizes, and standing up for what you believe is right, albeit at home, with friends or in the workplace, will inspire you and set the bar for the women looking up to you.



Start a journal. Journaling can help you declutter your mind and make sense of what is happening around you. It can also help to foster an attitude of gratitude by keeping track of one thing you are grateful for on that day.



Keep moving. Walk the stairs, don’t take the lift. Plan some type of movement activity each day and stick to it. Whether you go for a brisk walk, do a yoga class, or jog around the block of your neighbourhood, exercise is known to improve your health, mood, self-esteem, and body image. The next time you're planning on going for a walk, pop in your earphones and let Studio 88's Mix On The Move keep your body in sync with that Amapiano groove!



Make time to cultivate the relationships that are important to you. Join a hiking, photography or book club. Grab a coffee with a friend or have dinner with the family. Taking the time out to spend with those close to us or making new friends improves our mental health and enhances our physical well-being.


Retail Therapy

Spoil yourself occasionally. You should always pay yourself first. It can be big or small, but recognise that this is your gift to you. Retail therapy, when practiced in moderatio, can have some positive effects on your brain and is also known to boost self-confidence. Spoil yourself this Women's month with a little something from our Women's Collection!

By focusing consistently on these five self-help tips, you can successfully start your journey to your world domination because you are ensuring that you are well taken care of, grateful for all you have, and are inspiring other women to do the same!

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