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Levi’s® Brand | Studio 88

For over a century, men and women have done amazing things in their Levi’s®.

They have built countries, changed perceptions and expressed themselves through film, art and music. Today’s generation isn’t fighting against something, they are fighting for something. Just as Levi’s® is looking for new opportunities, so too does the people who wear Levi’s®. Levi’s® brand | Studio 88

Levi’s® brand | Studio 88 are building, creating, making and shaping, enduring and shouting. They challenge the rules and aren’t afraid to get dirty, the brand embodies a pioneering spirit that is always driven to innovate.

It unites our hopes, our dreams, our efforts, and our energy. Levi’s® have been worn by presidents and farmers, doctors and outlaws, princes and mine workers. They are a common thread with a common promise: to provide quality product in which we Live Levi’s®. Available at your nearest Studio 88 store.