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mix on the move

mix on the move

Mix On The Move workout collection showcase fresh and inspiring mixes from upcoming and talented Dj’s and artists.

From up-beat house and deep minimal to hip-hop ulti-mixes, each session 30 mins long, perfect for the good morning or evening workout #MOTM #BringTheBeat

mix on the move


The People’s DJ.

With a fire mix, it was clear after the final battle that DJ Slemy would be crowned the well deserved Studio 88 Mix on the Move DJ competition winner. A broadly talented individual in the entertainment industry, always looking to bring positive energy wherever he goes which always results in me entertaining people. His love for music is furthering him to be a great DJ and entertain people the best way possible. Currently a student, studying to become a professional actor and film maker at AFDA, he has so much admiration for the entertainment industry, that he finds himself approaching a lot of careers within the industry.

What does winning the S88 DJ Mix on the Move competition mean to you?

It honestly means more than the world to me. Ever since I entered this competition, I asked God to help me win it so that I can officially start my DJing career. Don’t get me wrong, I left some room for disappointment, but it did not stop me from fighting with everything I had in me, so I’m just happy that I was able to make my friends and family proud. I must say that I feel very blessed and honored to win out of all the incredible (200 plus) DJs that entered the competition. All of them came with the same mindset of wanting to win, they really made this competition tough. But apart from all the happiness and how amazing it feels to have won, this now means that the next step of my career is going to demand a different me with regards to working harder.

Who or what is the biggest inspiration behind DJ Slemy?

Initially, my stage name was DJ Kubeka (my surname). Then recently there was a weekend where my 3 sisters, their husbands and I met up. While we were discussing my decision to be a DJ, someone asked me what my stage name was and I replied, “DJ Kubeka.” While I was out here thinking that it’s going to put the family name on the map, their response was the most embarrassing thing ever, because they all laughed at me and told me to be more creative. What an embarrassment. So, after going on a journey of finding weird names, I decided to create one that I would carry as a brand and an identity forever. So, I decided to call myself SLEMY, which comes from my initials, SLEM (I know, it’s a lot of names). The “Y” is just there for control

Is producing your own music on the cards?

Not really. I just play around with FL Studio here and there, but we don’t know what the future holds.

And on that note, what one track never gets tired for you no matter how many times you hear it?


Where to from here for DJ Slemy?

From here I start by pulling up my socks and putting in those work ethics. I need to get those gigs and make sure that I entertain these people so much that “Slemy” becomes a verb for “a great time”. Now that I will be competing with the giants of the game in the country, I need to make sure that I keep the bar up and eventually take it higher. It’s about time the world knew who DJ Slemy is.

With many people voting for you! Are you surprised that so many people enjoyed your music?

When I was recording this mix in my bedroom, I told myself that I should make something that will take people on a journey of different tastes in music. I tried broadening the scale of music from recent songs, old songs, both house and gqom and a taste of the Takalane Sesame theme song. All I wanted was for people to enjoy and it seems like they really did. To answer the question, yes, I was surprisingly excited to find that people were actually enjoying it. What was even more surprising for me was the amount of love and support I was receiving regarding the votes. A huge shout-out to everyone that voted for me.

What is that one dream event you would love to play at in the future?

Hi Ibiza. (Fullstop)

Is there that one track that made the charts that you just can't stand?

The song that I can think of at the moment is that “Ayina Chorus” song by Mshoza.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring DJs just starting out in their hustle?

First things first, the bar has been set really high for us right now. This industry is a very cruel one (at times) and requires a lot of your strength and energy, I learnt this the hard way. You need to be able to go out there, ask for gigs, get rejected and go back a million times better. Always be on your toes and prepare for the best and worst that could happen. It is going to be a very difficult road, but if you’re prepared to sweat, cry and be disappointed, the next step is to get the hard work going behind those decks and laptops. You must annoy those club owners with your memory sticks


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