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Nike Always in the Big League

Nike, Always in the Big League

No matter what sneaker wearing era you’re from, you could probably recall a time where a pair of Nike sneakers was on your wish list. From our favourite sports stars having their names associated with the brand to their amazing marketing clap back campaigns, Nike is a brand that has a chameleon-like way of remaining a generational relevant brand.

Not without its flaws and struggles Nike saw some tough years, before finally establishing itself as a household name. Founded in 1964, by Bill Bowman and Phil Knight, originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, located in Oregon USA, was dedicated to importing and selling sports shoes from Japan.

Bowman the Brilliant

nikeDissatisfied with the running shoes of the time, Bill Bowman began to experiment with his own classic designs and running shoes. Relentlessly, approaching and pitching his idea for improved running shoes to numerous footwear companies. Finding no success in this, Bowman took matters into his own hands learning how to make shoes.

The first ever pair of Bowman made shoes was given to business partner and athlete student Phil Knight. The Bowman shoes found favour with a fellow athlete of the time , Otis Davis, who would go on to win the 400m race at the 1960 Olympic Games in a pair of Bowman made running shoes.

Swoosh and Success

1971 a year of great decision making for Bowman and Knight, not only did they change the company name they introduced the iconic swoosh logo designed by then design student, Carolyn Davidson. Named after the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike continued to see victories in their growth, shoe sales and longevity. Nike can attribute their success to a number of factors including their marketing team, however, the Nike strategy stretches far beyond that.

We are Victorious

Reaching the pinnacle of the sports world and becoming a global corporate heavy weight, can largely be attributed to strategic collaborations, sponsorships and associations with big names in sport. Nike have perfected the art of making a lasting impression by constantly pushing the envelope with innovation and controversy. They consistently keep their brand top of mind in their target market, they don’t falter on their company goals which gives the consumer a sense of prestige when purchasing Nike goods. Lastly they move with the times and lead the field when it comes to trends in the sportswear industry and pop culture, cementing their presence in the industry and in the minds of consumers.

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