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Browse and find the latest Sergio footwear, clothing and accessories exclusive to Studio 88. Free delivery for orders over R500.00. An aspirational lifestyle brand, Sergio Tacchini is rooted in Italian tennis heritage, connecting sport and culture through sportswear essentials for men, women and children. For generations, people have chosen Sergio Tacchini as a bold stroke in a wardrobe that they make their own. From the tennis obsessed, to ... the football terracewear-ers in the 70’s, and the hip hop culture of the 90’s, consumers have chosen Sergio Tacchini as a form of expression – the antithesis of construct, just like Sergio Tacchini intended bringing the first colour uniforms to the all-white tennis courts.

Famous or not, Sergio Tacchini is the choice for those who choose to be themselves, to live their lives freely and shape the world they live in. Sergio Tacchini is unique in that it still appeals to a generation where the brand played a critical role in their life experiences, as it does now a new generation of creative disruptors. Don’t follow the crowd, redirect your wardrobe compass to include this quietly disruptive range. Exclusive to Studio 88, find the latest range of Sergio Tacchini apparel, footwear and accessories. Buy online or from selected stores today.