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Superga is Soulful Socialising

SUPERGA is Soulful Socialising

Although the first SUPERGA footwear was manufactured in 1911, and the brand being well over 100 years old, they continue to remain relevant by designing some of the best youthful canvas shoes even decades later.

Walter Martiny, a local Italian shoemaker started out by producing rubber-soled footwear for the local farmers, little did he know his rubber-sole patent would eventually find its way onto the feet of generations across the globe including some high profile Celebrities. superga

The vulcanized rubber sole has always been the trademark of the Italian Classic sneakers whose debut sneaker, the Classic 2750 Heritage is not only known as the people’s shoe of Italy, but it also remains one of the most popular canvas shoes across the globe. The SUPERGA range now includes a variation of silhouettes like Platform, High Tops and mids. Fans also get to choose from an expansive colour and pattern range, SUPERGA is truly a sneaker that crosses all casual wear scenes, from day to night, shopping to the beach and everything in between.

From World War to World Wide

 Being one of the many companies who closed their doors and abandoned production during the 2nd World war, SUPERGA made a statement comeback around 1945. Joining forces with Italian Tire brand Pirelli in the early 1950s SUPERGA not only took their Patent Vulcanized Rubber Roles into the tennis world, but they were also able to increase production in leaps and bounds. By the time the fashion-forward 80s came around the classic 2750 was an established silhouette globally, the company then started introducing other styles, colours and fabrics into their range.

 The Peoples Shoes

From its humble rubber-sole farming boots beginnings to find itself on the feet of British Royals, SUPERGA has a long history of establishing itself in the hearts and wardrobes of people from all walks of life. SUPERGA, also known as The Peoples Shoes of Italy are easily transferable between generations, a quality product that’s easy to clean and provide convenient versatility for the person who is always on the go.

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