Unbox the Excitement: Share Your Studio 88 Haul and Win!

Capture the Moment & Share Your Studio 88 Haul!

What's hot and happening, Studio 88'ers! Are you ready to showcase your Studio 88 haul? Our exciting 'What's In The Bag' campaign takes place from 26 April to 31 May 2024 and invites you, our valued Studio 88 shoppers, to share your branded shopping haul with other fashion aficionados. The winners will be announced on the 3rd of June 2024. Simply snap a pic or record a video unboxing your Studio 88 glam gathering worth over R500, and share it on social media utilising the hashtag #Studio88unbox. You could be R2000 shopping voucher richer! Remember, you're not just flexing your fashion finesse; you're helping to build a community and a fashion folio that keeps style on the move!

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